Thursday, 27 April 2017

Victrix Numidians … and a conundrum

I thought to finish a couple of my new Victrix Numidian cavalry figures, but once I had primed them and blocked-in the main colours I had an urge to keep going.

So I assembled the remaining eight figures for the turma.

These are lovely sculpts: excellent detail and athletic poses; the additional left hands carrying individual and pairs of javalins require minor surgery to add but are worth the effort. I ran out of these, but a quick survey of the Numidian infantry sprue confirmed that some of the parts are common; these also yielded an unbearded head with a helmet for the decurio.

I am looking forward to working on these spirited figures.

I have been looking longingly at Victrix’s recent releases of Early Imperial Romans … they are lovely sculpts too, with lots of detail and imaginitive but realistic poses. The command figures look great. These figures appear to be taller than Warlord Games’ Roman legionary figures, but about the same height as the latter’s auxiliaries; the Numidian infantry I have scale in much the same way. I am considering buying the advancing legionaries and finishing them as Praetorians … then I can make an assessment of size.

At this stage I am considering replacing my Warlord Romans with Victrix figures … that’s four centuriae, just under a hundred figures, so I have decided to shelve the veterans for the moment and finish everything else I have. On the bench or in boxes and bags I have Victrix Numidian cavalry (10 figures) and infantry (24 figures), Warlord Games auxiliary infantry (24 figures), and a turma of 1st Corps cavalry (10 figures). The Roman travelling coach (carpentum) will become a camp vignette, parked with a Praetorian guarding it. Then I shall have another think about Victrix offering.

Victrix’s first vexillum transfer set looks promising too … if the next one includes Legio VI Ferrata that would solve my various vexillum and signum needs.

Work in progress: Victrix’s rather lovely Numidian cavalry.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Impetus …

It’s been a long time since I made any progress with this project, but the release of the Victrix Numidian infantry and cavalry have given me reasons to get back into the groove.

The sculpts are very fine – finer than my Warlord Games’ figures. These chaps are very athletic though, so the contrast in physique is acceptable.

The Roman travelling coach is now primed and the veteran Roman century that I began late in 2014 is half done.

I hope to have my Roman army finished by the end of this year.

Work in progress: Victrix Numidian infantry.

Work in progress: Victrix Numidian cavalry.

Work in progress: Enough shield transfers for the infantry and cavalry.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Hiatus …

After a long period where life just seemed to take over, I am ready to overcome months of inertia.

Spurred on by the coincidence of reading Mary Beard’s SPQR: a History of Ancient Rome, watching her BBC Two series Ultimate Rome: Empire without limits, and a visit to the British Museum, a vignette seemed to be the ideal project to get my juices flowing again. An incentive from Warlord Games prompted me to buy their Roman travelling coach, or carpentum.

I would unreservedly recommend Beard’s book. It’s beautifully written and very accessible without dumbing down.

In the blister: Warlord Games’ Roman traveling coach … my next vignette.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The veterans take shape

Finally, I have made some progress with my veteran centuria.

All the figures have greaves, manicae with the addition of mail hand armour, and focalia. I have furnished the variously reinforced helmets from Warlord Games’ veteran set with crests from their Praetorian set. They have a pretty imposing look and I am really looking forward to painting these fellows … just need to wait on the gesso.

Work in progress: All the veterans sport focalia and mail hand armour to augment their manicae. I added manica to the metal optio. All fashioned from ProCreate.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

The first of the veterans …

I have decided to model a veteran century. The addition of helmet crests from the Warlord Games’ Praetorian Guard sprues and some ProCreate detailing will give this unit an individual appearance.

I have enough of Warlord’s metal attic helmets to give the Praetorians a different appearance too … but this is a project for another day.

Work in progress: Focale and mail hand armour fashioned from ProCreate. 

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The lonely Praetorian …

I had a couple of hours over the last day or so to finish Titus Antonius Secundus’s centuria, my fourth to-date.

I am quite pleased with how they turned out – the overall impression to the naked eye always surprises me … but that’s how it is when one lives with one’s ‘mind’s eye’ hopes and the reality of the miniature under magnification.

So … an empty ‘bench’ … what next? As mentioned I have the camels to add to the baggage train, and I want to begin enhancing Warlord Games’ Praetorian Guardsmen … these will take a while, so might be a good project to have on the go while painting something else … maybe my last turma of cavalry. (Note to self: never say ‘last’.)

Titus Antonius Secundus’s centuria. Not too shabby..
Work in progress: Who or what shall join the loan Praetorian?.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Waiting for the PVA to dry …

… then I shall dry brush the base and add the tufts. Annoyingly, I managed to get some Sandy Paste onto some of the figures. If caught while wet it brushes off using a wet brush. Once dry it’s a careful procedure using a new cocktail stick, taking care not to damage the varnish beneath.

I am wondering which unit to do next. I think I may paint another turma of cavalry, while beginning to prepare the Praetorians. These will need a bit of sculpting to add focalia and some cloaks. I have a couple of camels to convert for the baggage train too.

Work in progress: I am quite pleased with how these fellows turned out. Just the finishing touches to add.